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About Us

Founded in 2009 in Odessa Ukraine, our studio has created and released more than 20 games. Our games are translated into many languages and are available to players from all over the world. Focusing on family games, we create interactive stories for each member of your family.

Our mission

Creating engaging games with an exciting plot and memorable characters for millions of people.  



Gameplay. Gameplay is our company’s key priority. The goal of each staff member, whether an artist or a programmer, is to make our products as interesting as possible for as many people as possible.


Quality. Quality in all aspects of our work. When creating our games, we pay close attention to each detail, no matter how small it is. We use feedback from players to improve and polish our work.


Narration. Narrating an engaging story is one of the main characteristics of our company. Every detail, no matter how small, tells a story, which game creators work on. We are honoured to share these stories with our players.


AvailabilityHaving won love and recognition, we keep our players happy making our games yet more available. Our games have been translated into many languages and can be played on various platforms, thus making it possible to be closer to the players.


Family valuesWe care for every player, staff member, or partner of our company, treating them like members of our big family. This approach allows us to have a richer experience and helps us create really fascinating games.


Thanks for staying with us!

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